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Top 5 Internet Speed Test Tools

Top 5 Internet Speed Test Tools

How to check the speed of internet connection is probably one of the most searched topics on the net, in this Internet era. Modern life is revolving around the Internet and it is like Oxygen now. People around the world are thirsting for laser speed from their ISPs, though are already on 1 GBPS + now. But looking further for a much faster net is always thrilling. Between, in this scenario, something else also matters, which is the Speed test. Here we review about Top 5 Internet Speed test tools for you. 

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What is the importance of Speed test tools in your internet life? What are they and what do they do? These questions will be answered below when you scroll down. Please make a note that, we are basically introducing online testing portals from those available globally. Still, there are chances for some of them not available in the country you belong to. Apologies in advance. 

Internet Speed Test Tools are the online mechanism to test your Internet speed, i.e. the time taking to Download and Upload a specific amount of file/content within a stipulated period. This is made possible by the testing application/portal by connecting your device (Laptop/PC/Mobile) to a remote server using an IP. 

Let’s see the Top 5 Internet Speed Test Tools below:

1. by Ookla by Ookla













One of the most reputed and established internet speed test providers in the world, is a venture by Ookla, a Washington-based company that has been the center point for the speed testing process for many years from 2006, its commencement.

A very familiar and primary name on the tip of the tongue among internet users and providers, is standing top in accuracy and reliability in test results. It also gives you the freedom to choose any server from the list provided on the page, apart from what is auto-selected by the tool.

On the result page, you would see the pinging time, download speed, and upload speed. You would also have a small survey option to rate your provider, and you can also re-test the speed how many ever times you need. There is an option to share the results to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more. Also can be shared as a Direct link and mail. The global settings option on the page helps you to set your date, time, speed preferences. has been always a fantastic tool, by providing a wonderful sophisticated tool to check our internet speed. It always remained accurate too. From the starting until a few years ago, they used a Flash-based tool for their website, which was inconvenient most times, as some devices or browsers were incompatible with that. Later they introduced other technology, and we believe that it is now on Java & HTML5. is compatible to a number of devices like Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Apple TV, and also with CLI devices. Their smartphone App can be downloaded for Android and IOS devices as well. And above all, it is a free tool to use. 

Like a feather on their cap, it is good to know that they have completed above 35 billion tests so far. Moreover, they have covered 100% (Acco. to Ookla) of countries in the world with the support of more than 14,000 servers to support with.

Test your internet speed: SPEEDTEST.NET


2. Google Speed Test

Google Speed test










The most preferred name in search engines, Google also proves that it has a place in the speed test market. We have found Google speed test is also reliable and almost accurate during our tests. 

Google speed test is one of the easiest ways to start with. It does not have either a glamorous colorful page or a redirect URL towards another portal. Instead, it is just a click of a button in the Google search window, boom…it loads as a pop-up. Great to see the way it starts. Quite cool.

Its odometer dial is also very simple, a usual Google simplicity. The needle will go up along with your heartbeats.. 🙂 ..which will ultimately show how fast your internet provider is. It takes less than 40 MB of data for the upload and download test. You have the option to cancel the test, again with the click of a button. The only difference from other providers is that the server here is auto-selected by Google. You have no control over that. But don’t worry, they will select the best, and you get the best result. 

And before you start, Google would notify you of some information that will be provided on the search window, as to how long will the test take, and other information like Privacy policy and the team they are collaborated with for the process. Google will connect your request for the test with Measurement Lab (an Internet Research & data testing firm) and which has been mentioned on the page. 

After the speed test, you will get the following information along with a ‘Test Again’ button:

  • Latency(in ms): 
  • Server Location:
  • Feedback: Like how good is your internet connection for streaming and other activities. Or whether you have to improve it or not.

Also on a simple note, let us also invite you to another link, which you might see among the search results. This is also a speed check tool basically to tell you how fit is your internet speed for streaming. You can perform a speed test here only if your internet speed is above 10MBPS. Otherwise, it would return with a message as “Your connection isn’t ready for Stadia yet”, and may ask you to improve your internet connection.

Test the speed right away: GOOGLE SPEED TEST (Type ‘speed test’ on the Google search window, and you get the button there)


3. Speed test (Fusionconnect Speed Test) Speed Test















Speakeasy Internet Speed Test is an HTML5 testing tool that just uses your browser to check the download and upload test. It is also a non-Flash tool and does not use download and upload files to check the speed. This lightweight tool helps you to even analyze the line quality of your internet broadband. 

More than just being a speed test tool, Speakeasy offers you some add-ons & useful information on the page. One is, that you can select a server of your choice from the listed US server list, or keep it Automatic. Secondly, you can view your Results History on the bottom tab, which gives you complete details of your recent tests. And next, if you scroll down a little more, there is a chart that shows your possibilities with the speed available on your broadband, like what you can stream and what you cannot, etc. You can also read a few quality news and articles along with.

Speakeasy Speed Test is brought to you by one of the oldest Internet Service Providers in the world, Speakeasy Inc. They later developed a speed test tool to check internet speed and quality. The company has been gone through many phases of migrations and acquisitions and lastly, Fusion Connect acquired the company and services from Megapath Holding Corporation recently. 

Check your broadband speed now: Speed Test OR Speed Test




Cloudflare, the leader in CDNs, also offering broadband speed testing tools is relatively more reliable compared to some of their competitors. Their CDN’s are considered most trustable, faster, and reliable globally, which helps millions of websites operate hassle-free. Therefore choosing other products from the same company would not be a matter of second thought. 

The Speedtest tool offered by Cloudflare is absolutely free of cost and unlimited. It comes with many features and options compared to other players. You will see the speed of your ISP in a real-time manner on an animated graph, which is more attractive and accurate. Also, it will display the latency and jitter on the side for a more clear picture.

Moreover for a variety of experiences, view your testing server location in a map window instead of regular text labels, seen with competitors. You may also notice that there are various amount of file sizes that have been used by Cloudflare for testing the speed, e.g. 100kB, 1MB, 10 MB, etc.  This gives more clarity to the customer that up to what extent is he can go with the internet connection.

Cloudflare is ensuring low latency by using its servers located in 200+ cities in about 80+ countries. They also use their own ‘Workers’ platform to ensure that these servers are connected rapidly as soon as the project is submitted. This means that the testing will be done for the user, with an extremely low latency, which is a big advantage.

Check your internet speed now:



Speedof.meStarted in 2011, has gained enormous popularity among internet users till now. The simple interface of the portal and accuracy in the results may have helped them to achieve this goal within a short span of time. Even when other big players were dominating the industry parallelly. 

While talking about the technologies used behind this tool, always said a big NO to Flash, and adopted HTML 5 in company with Javascript. Which, they believe that it completely goes well with browser core technologies hassle-free. Due to this adoption, it works well with any browser and also with mobile platforms like iOS, Android, etc. has more than 125 servers worldwide, which makes the job easy and smooth. The connectivity is good and the result will be more accurate than other providers, according to They call these servers PoP (Points of Presence) and also having CDN to help in the process. uses a small file sized up to 128kB initially to start the downloading process, and then vary the size in case required. That is to ensure your internet connection is tested thoroughly. For this purpose, they go through many stages using file size starting from 128kB to 128MB in many splits in between. 

Further to the test results that appear on the screen, you have provision to share the results and also to view the History of recent tests in detail. You may also download the history in .CSV format from the History tab. You would be also amazed at the beauty of the testing graph on a dark background. A lot of options are waiting for you.

In short, it is sure, that you will not be disappointed for using platform for testing your internet speed, instead will be overwhelmed to see the accurate results which will also boost your trust in your ISP.

Test your net speed now: Test your Internet Speed with SPEEDOF.ME


Top 5 Internet Speed Test tools

From the list of Top 5 Internet Speed Test tools above, we can see each are best in their quality features and popularity. But among the mentioned, Speedtest by Ookla, Pagespeed test by Google, and may be decorating leading positions due to the accuracy and usage. Whatever our advice to you is to choose your tool based on your satisfaction and availability in your region. Also, note that no tool can assure you a 100% accurate test result, as it may vary based on many factors like the server location, technology of the tool, fluctuations of net speed at your location, your browser, and also maybe the device you used to test. 

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