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Starting a freelancing job or a startup may be a bit easier in these days, than choosing a right Billing/Invoice software for your business. The main reason for this trouble is that there are ‘n’ number of applications on internet and in your surroundings, offered as paid and free.

Choosing the right one apt for your business and requirement is going to be a herculean task, during the time setting up or running an office / or business. We know it. And hence we thought of introducing a few among them and presenting in front of you, for you to pick the right one.

There are loads of free software offering better features competing with other paid ones, which are also acquired a high level of customer satisfaction by the time.

Let’s introduce some of the best 100% free invoice software below. (Note that, the ultimate decision of choice is yours, we are just furnishing the data.)


1.  Wave (

This 100% free invoice software will make you amazed due to the features it offers and simply claiming it is free of cost! You will love it. They will also help you to collect payments through their software, using Paypal. You also have options to add Stripe, Shopify and Square Sales as part of Payment & e-Commerce integration through Zapier.

Some of the main features WAVE APPS offers is as below:

  • Create Professional Invoice using ready made templates inside.
  • Recurring Billing for repeat customers
  • Invoice in any currency
  • Create Invoices, Estimations, Recurring Invoices from the same & single software.
  • Automatic payment collection, Automatic Sales Tax calculations, Automatic Cloud backup, Automatic and seemless Accounting Integration.
  • Book keeping feature
  • Payments on the go using Free Android and iPhone apps.
  • Instant Notifications

and many more….

Link to register on this website: Register Now!


2.  Handdy

handdy.comOne of the best, but not well known 100% Free invoice software is from the team of Handdy. We came through this software after a lot of researches for our own purpose. We have surprised, seeing that, the team is offering a lot of features free of cost, which will make you keep smiling especially if you are a freelancer. You have all options like Creating Invoices, Quotations/Estimations, Receiving Payments using integrated Payment Gateways (currently they have Stripe and Paypal integrated) etc. Apart from that they will also permit you to perform some accounts task inside the software, which includes Record Expenses, Enter Income and Generate Reports etc. Please see more details below:

As their website claims:

  • You can get Designer look Templates
  • Get Payments 45 % quicker
  • Send Automatic Invoice Reminders

You may Register for this website here:  Register Now!

Well, worth to say that, their support team is awesome…You try it…will come to know.


3.  Refrens

Refrens.comRefrens offers a unique methods in their platform. They will allow you to create UNLIMITED INVOICES and CUSTOMERS using their online portal, and even allow you to receive payments using their own payment gateways. Quite Easy! Hassle free! You must try it. Its quite easy to register in their portal and start invoicing. Templates are cool, navigation is much easier. Add your customers, products/services and just start. Accept payment from your customer to your dashboard directly.

Some of the features offered by Refrens are:

  • Easy GST Invoices
  • Free Payment Gateway (collect payment online)
  • Choice to send invoice
  • Keep a record
  • Auto Reminder
  • Easy access anywhere

Register your account : Register Now!


4.  Sighted

Sighted Invoice SoftwareSighted offers a handful of features with their Free online Invoice/Billing software. In Sighted’s words, it is quite easy to create and send professional quotes, manage clients, track payments, send invoices, add and manage products and services, and accept payments for your invoice online using their software. It is undoubtedly a blessing to have all the above features on a single platform. They have customized and awesome invoice templates/designs inside the application, which will make you the task hassle-free.

Let’s see some of the features offered by the Team.:

  • Easy invoice generation
  • Attractive invoice designs
  • Accept online payments from the software
  • Track Time &  Expenses
  • Profit & loss and other business management tools
  • Responsive to all devices.

Register and start using Sighted.


5.  Bullet

Bullet Invoice SoftwareThis software probably includes almost all features we were discussing before, like invoices, estimations, recurring invoices, online payments, reports, read receipts, multi-currency etc. The team presents their 100% free software even displaying a comparison with other existing softwares in the market, showing their confidence on their own product.

Look a the whole list of features Bullet offers:

  • Create Invoices/Estimates
  • Accept Multi-currency
  • Create Recurring Invoices
  • Accept Credit Cards for payments
  • Personalize invoices
  • Upsell Invoices
  • Read Receipts…. and many more

Click to Sign up: Signup Now! 


Let’s get familiar with some more FREE softwares, which offers ‘limited free features’.


6.  Invoiceninja

Invoiceninja has already earned a better place inside the heart of many businesses,  especially small businesses. That’s because this software helped them in a bigger way to manage their day-to-day business (especially invoicing/billing) well and in style. Yes, Invoinceninja offers invoices template in a professional way and also some features, which you might see only with some paid softwares. Let’s go through some of its main features below:

On Free Version:

  • It allows upto 100 clients and unlimited invoices
  • 4 Professional Invoice & Quotation Templates
  • Brand Invoices with your Company Logo
  • Auto-Billing & Recurring Invoices
  • Integrate 40+ Payment Gateway Options
  • Product/Item Library Management
  • Time-tracker Web Tool &/or Desktop Icon
  • Manage Project & Tasks with Kanban Boards
  • Proposals Creation Tool & Design Template
  • Setup Vendors & [Recurring] Expenses ….. and many more…

Visit the website to know more and register to start using it.

Their Paid version starts at $10/month.


7.  Zipbooks offers a wonderful Billing software with a free version where a basic user can send unlimited invoice and receive payments online. Though you may feel disappointed if peeping at the premium features, the free version features itself is well enough for a basic user. And they have made it fit to that package. And for sure, Zipbooks’ technology is coming along with the templates and navigation. Hence, it is a hassle-free business, managing your accounting with Zipbooks software. Meanwhile please go through some of the features they offer with Free versions as below:

You can send unlimited invoices

  • Manage unlimited vendors & customers
  • You can accept digital payments (Square or PayPal) in the software for your invoices, making it easier for your customer.
  • View Basic Reports
  • Connect the software with 1 bank account to facilitate online payments for customers.

Register for this site here:

Their paid plans are starting from $15/month and available till $35/month (for Sophisticated).


8.  GoGST Bill

Go GST BillHere comes, ‘Go GST Bill’ with its free version to help small and medium entrepreneurs and freelancers from India. The software promises many features with its free versions, to suit well with your requirements as basic user. It supports with max 3000 documents in an year and helps you to send invoice copies by email too. And you can use Free version for lifetime with Phone & Email  Support.  Get signed up and start using.

Some of its features as below:

  • Sales & Purchase Invoice
  • Payment Receipt
  • Customer & Product
  • Stock
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Max 25 Items In Single Document
  • Max 3000 Document /Year

For Registration you may use this link:

Their Premium version starts @ Rs.1499/year + GST which is feature-rich.

9.  Invoicely

InvoicelyInvoicely promises features that are basic but rich, with their Free version. Means that, you can start invoicing with 1 User account, but can accept payments online (using Paypal) and also do billing in Multi-currency. Good enough, for a Freelancer or a Micro startup, at no cost. Remember, you may be stopped from creating Estimations in the Free versions, which is a Premium feature on Invoicely. But many had already gone for it realizing that it works well for them. Have a try.

Please look into the Free version features below:

  • Create Unlimited Invoices
  • 1 User Account
  • Billing in Multi-currency
  • Accept Payments online (Paypal only)
  • Limited Branding

Their Premium plans starting from $9.99 / month.

Signup for Invoicely here:


10.  Zoho

Zoho InvoiceZoho is one of the most popular invoicing softwares which many businesses prefer. The software is feature rich and offers a reliable service, a freelancer/startup may think that it would be too good if added many essential options in the list. The software will allow you to bill for upto 5 Customers only and you get only 5 workflows. But on the other side, you get options, like to create Unlimited invoices, Estimates, Recurring invoices, Multi-currencies, Payment Gateway Integrations etc etc. at zero cost. You may raise highly appealed invoices for your customers. 

Features are listed below:

  • Upto 5 Customer
  • Only 1 User Account
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Estimates
  • Multi-currency invoices
  • Multiple-languages
  • Payment Tracking
  • Credit Notes
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Mobile App Support …. and many more

Their paid version are starting from Rs.2499/- Per Organization Per Year.

Visit the website to know more:

Signup for Zoho Invoice here:


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