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Change Windows Update Settings

How to change Windows Update Settings may be one of the most searched topics in search engines by Windows OS users. Maybe, at least once we would have thought about postponing or killing some software updates that keep bugging us during important activities on our device. Among these, Windows OS is the prominent one, and featured below are some of the features of the ‘Update’ function offered by the OS itself in order to handle the situation effectively. 

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Before learning how to change Windows update Settings, we should keep in mind that, timely updates are inevitable for any software running on a PC/Laptop, including the Operating System (OS) software. Microsoft is always keen on releasing timely updates to all the running Windows OS versions from time to time to ensure that the OS is running safely and smoothly.

The user can choose different settings to download and install these updates at their convenience. And this article will explain how to change windows update settings on your device.

Before entering into the topic, we wish to declare that we would not encourage any user to disable or deactivate Update Features of any software applications particularly Operating Software. Timely updates are essential for any software to make them run smoothly and also to protect your device from any external attacks. Update functions are not enemies, instead, they are friends and life enhancers of your device.

We will take you through the procedure step by step, along with help of images that will make your learning easier.  (Follow the steps and screenshots given below)

  1. Start your Windows 10 pc/laptop
  2. Go to the Start menu to find the ‘Search’ icon or find the Search field and type ‘Settings‘. Note the first ‘Settings’ tab. Click the Settings Tab that appeared on the top.Change Windows Update Settings

  3.  In Settings, Go to ‘Update & Security’ tab and Click. You will get the Windows Update window open.Update and Security

  4. Then click ‘Windows Update’ from the menu displayed on the Left. Note, Advanced Options tab at the bottom.Windows Update

  5. Find the ‘Advanced Options‘ tab in the list and click.Advanced Options

  6. Now select your desired settings needed for the moment. (The options will be like when you wish to ‘Receive Updates’, ‘Download Updates’ & ‘Restart your Device’ etc. It will also provide you options on ‘Notifications’ and ‘Pause Updates’ etc )Update Settings

In the above (point no.6), Pause Updates will be the most useful option in case you need to halt the update process for some time; until you finish your important works on your PC.

As mentioned in the image, this option can pause update temporarily only, i.e. up to 35 days. And the very next day, it will start automatically receive updates from the Windows server. Therefore, choose your settings accordingly.

We remind you again that turning off Windows Update settings may become fatal to your device and also cause malfunctioning. Therefore, be wise while choosing and altering these settings, and ensure that you are doing it only for a temporary duration. Never forget to get back the Windows Update section to reset the settings to the default state.

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Hope that the above information helps one to understand, and change windows update settings on PC/Laptop effectively and wisely. We have also other topics published on this website, related to various Windows-related issues you are facing in daily life. We are happy to hear from you on this topic.

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