Change Windows Update Settings

Timely updates are inevitable for any software running on a PC/Laptop, including the Operating System (OS) software. Windows is always keen on releasing timely updates to all the running OS versions from time to time to ensure that the OS is running safely and smoothly. To download and install these updates, the user can choose different methods according to their convenience.

Before entering to the topic, we wish to declare that we would not encourage any user to disable or deactivate Update Features of any software applications including Operating Software. Timely updates are essential to any software to make them run smoothly and also to protect your device from any external attacks.

First of all let us check where the Settings are lying in Windows 8.1 & 10 OS. (Follow the steps and screenshots given below)

  1. Start your Windows 10 pc/laptop
  2. Go to Startmenu
  3. Find Search field and type ‘Settings’
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