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Best Paid and Free Antivirus Software for Windows 2021

Security plays an important role in today’s life, let it be of humans or machines, and getting protected has become the ultimate goal. Antivirus applications are there to the rescue for machines like pc/laptops, smartphones & tabs, etc. but finding the right one is a huge task. This article will turn your life easy in finding the best paid and free antivirus software for Windows in 2021. 

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No argument that your data and applications inside your device are very precious, and protecting the same from any online and network threats is most important. You can sleep peacefully only if there is a right antivirus application that takes care of your device 24×7. 

Join us, we will help you out to find one of them, which is good in performance, popularity, and affordability.

What is the role of Antivirus Software in your device?

Antivirus Software is a program, which is designed to identify and destroy any harmful programs and scripts running in your device, and shield from any future attacks. Those viruses and malware might have got installed in your device without your knowledge through some programs downloaded by you or harmful websites that you had visited online. They can even reach you through mail attachments.

We have displayed some of the best paid and free antivirus software programs below which are good enough to get rid of these issues.


1. Norton Antivirus

Norton AntivirusOne of the most lightweight Antivirus software applications we came through so far. With Norton installed in your device, you are not going to worry about the consumption of system resources like memory and CPU, as it consumes the minimum. Still, it tops in performance. The application ensures that your PC/Laptop is safe with Norton.

Norton is one of the ‘Top Product’ rated brands certified by AV-Test. org, one of the most authenticated Antivirus Testing platform and certifiers.

General features of Norton Antivirus in their Antivirus Plus Version:

  • Anti-spyware
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Ransomeware Protection
  • Online Threat Protection
  • Smart Firewall
  • 2GB Cloud Backup
  • Password Manager
  • Virus Protection Promise …etc.

The above Plan is starting from Rs.899/- (Rs.1349/-) Annually. Their other plans are Norton 360 Standard (@ Rs.1199/-), Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices (@ Rs.1799/-) and Norton 360 Deluxe (Rs.3499/-)

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2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender AntivirusBitdefender is famous for its advanced level of protection when it comes to device security. Their team has developed an awesome piece of program which works wonder after you install into the device. It will never compromise on security. Bitdefender has a good rating in and many other review sites due to its well-known ability to prevent attacks.

This program will work inside your device silently, without any interference, and also without consuming much of the resources. In fact a trustworthy application you can take along with. It protects over 500 million systems in about 150 countries globally.  Bitdefender has a variety of solutions for Home, Business, Providers, and Partners, which makes selection easy for respective segments.

Bitdefender offers the below features:

Bitdefender offers all General Features like Antivirus, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware, Strong Firewall protection, etc. And their packages vary depending upon your usage on Desktop/Laptop, Android, IOS, Mac, etc. and also based on the no. of users.

Bitdefender plans are starting from $40 ($79.99) for Bitdefender Internet security 2020, $44.99 ($89.99) for Total Security, and  $59.99 ($ 119.99) for Family Pack.

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3. Kaspersky

Kaspersky AntivirusKaspersky has earned the trust of Indian customers compared to its competitors. The basic reasons are its affordability and protection guarantee. Yes, Kaspersky is cheap in price and more value for the price when it comes to the protection it offers. There it overtook its competitors, as their products are tagged at a comparatively higher price. At the same time, the protection offered by Kaspersky may by sometimes much better than others, under some circumstances. Thus they gained popularity in the country.

The software is easily available in retail stores and online. That makes things more comfortable and easier for their customers. Also to be noted the Firewall is excellent, and the usability of the product is awesome. You have many customization options available at the backend of the dashboard, and it includes Parental control which performs well. In short, one will not regret purchasing Kaspersky for his/her device. 


  • Antivirus – Preventing Viruses, Ransomware, and other threats
  • Privacy & Identity Protection – Stops Webcam hijacking and blocks phishing
  • Safe Money – Launching encrypted browser while using bank sites
  • Smart & Secure VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Data Leak Checker
  • App Permissions Manager

Kaspersky is greatly priced; their starting price is Rs.479.20/- (Rs.599/-) at offer for Antivirus Edition. Rs.699.30/- (Rs.999/-) for Internet Security and Rs.1396.85/- (Rs.2149/-) is for Total Security. (All these pricing are for 1 PC / 1 year)

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4. F-Secure

F-Secure AntivirusF-secure is one of the best-rated Antivirus in by its Performance, Protection, and Usability as per their testing standards. No doubt, that F-secure is a  globally accepted brand on a performance basis, and protecting thousands of companies and millions of systems. The software is an effective solution against Trojans, Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware. Besides that, it offers Browsing protection, Banking Protection, Parental Control, Personal VPN, Wifi Protection, Finder, and many more. F-secure is supported on Windows (7, 8.1 & 10), Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Some of the main features of F-secure Antivirus:

  • Antivirus – Protection against Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Malware, etc.
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Browsing Protection
  • Banking Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Personal VPN
  • Wifi Protection
  • Finder – Tracking your stolen Android and iOS devices
  • Password Manager …..and many more

Pricing of F-secure HOME is starting from $29.99 for 1 PC for 1 Year (Antivirus), #59.90 for 3 devices 1 Year (F-secure Safe), $79.99 for 3 devices for 1 Year (F-secure Total). For more information on pricing :

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5. Trend Micro

Trend Micro AntivirusTrend Micro Antivirus has made a significant presence in India within a few years. The software has a higher level of protection standards both online and offline. It is very effective against Viruses, Trojans and Ransomware. It also protects your devices well, from Malwares, threats during online shopping and banking, etc.

Trend Micro safeguards you from all kinds of attacks from Networks, Mail phishing, etc. It has a reliable mechanism to track and find such actions when you are busy with your device. The parental lock ensures no harmful contents reaching your children without your knowledge. The company also made sure that the software is available at an affordable rate for all depending upon the usage. 

Let’s check the key features of Trend Micro:

  • Protection against Viruses, Trojans
  • Leading Ransomware Protection
  • Safeguarding against Identity Theft
  • Blocking Email scams & Phishing
  • Parental Control
  • Protects and Manages Passwords

Trend Micro Antivirus (Essential) is available as low as Rs.675/- for 1 PC/year.  Other editions are available at Rs.1125/- (Internet Security) and Rs.1547/- (Maximum Security)

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6. BullGuard

BullguardBullguard, the cybersecurity company has been serving the world for years providing effective Antivirus Solutions, Internet security, VPN, etc for about 100 Million and above devices. Their product range includes Mobile Security, Identity Protection, Vulnerability Scanners, and Game Boosters. They have been awarded by organizations like AVTest.ORG, AV-Comparatives, and for excellence. Moreover, Bullguard has been mentioned by prominent media like BBC, Forbes, The SUN, The Guardian, Washington Post, and many more. Though Bullguard is mainly serving European nations, it has a significant presence in India. 

Features of Bullguard is as below:

  • Antivirus & Anti-phishing
  • Triple-Layered Anti-Malware Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Custom Built Secure Browser
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Game Booster
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Firewall
  • Parental Controls

For more information, visit:

Bullguard pricing starts from $23.99 (Antivirus 1 year-1pc), $44.99 (Internet Security 1 year-multidevice), and 59.99 (Premium Protection 1 year-multidevice)

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7. Vipre

Vipre AntivirusVipre, a product from the US has made its presence in the global Antivirus Market with its cloud-based advanced Antivirus products. Vipre has become one of the most popular Antivirus solutions in the USA and Europe in a short span of time with its product features like Real-time Protection, Advanced Ransomware Protection, and Cloud-Enabled Security, etc. Vipre also ensures that your device is protected from all Network threats with its effective Firewall feature, and also makes sure that you browse Safe. The company also has other products like Internet Shield VPN, Vipre Android Security, and Vipre Privacy Shield for keeping you protected. 

Vipre offers the below features:

  • Antivirus – Protection against Viruses and Ransomware
  • Real-time Protection
  • Cloud-Enabled Security
  • Anti-threat Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Application Patching (In Advanced & Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Anti-spam Protection (In Advanced & Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Firewall (In Advanced & Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Anti-tracking (In Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Webcam & Microphone Blocker (In Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Personal Profile Protection (In Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Dark Web Scanner (In Ultimate Edition Only)
  • Unlimited VPN for all the devices (In Ultimate Edition Only)

Pricing of Vipre Home products: Antivirus Plus $29.99 ($34.99) , Advanced Security $38.49 ($54.99) and Ultimate Security $76 ($189.99)

For Details on Pricing:

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8. Avira Antivirus

Avira AntivirusAvira has a tremendous record of 30 years of service in the Antivirus industry. They have achieved this by serving people with their FREE products, including the popular Avira Antivirus edition. Quoting their own words, “they offer free service, because they believe that Privacy is a right, not a privilege”. They have traveled all these distances and covered all the bright milestones, by holding this faith along with them. They have been tested and certified by many Antivirus Testing organizations like, AV-Comparatives, and Anti-Ransomware Testing Labs, etc. This enhances the credibility of Avira in the competitive market.


  • Antivirus Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Free VPN
  • Speed Booster
  • Identity Protection
  • Anti-scam Protection
  • Firewall
  • Software Updates
  • PC Cleaner

When it comes to pricing, their Home Edition is FREE for 1 PC, Internet Security is available at Rs.1966/- (1PC/Year) and Avira Prime is available at Rs.2517/- (Rs.3356) for 5 Devices/Year

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9. Avast Antivirus

Avast AntivirusOne of the best Free Antivirus solutions you can trust on, which is being used by a community of over 400 million worldwide. This powerful solution prevents over 1 Billion attacks every month and it is spread over 59 countries, as claimed by Avast. They have been in the industry for about 30+ years…such long years of service itself is the proof of quality and trust among people. Avast Free Antivirus Solutions has been supported by a team of 1700+ at the back-end. Their 4 editions, starting from the Free Antivirus are well enough for any Business to choose from. It is to be noted, that this is one of the lightest antivirus solutions in the world. 

Features of Avast Products:

  • Block Viruses and other Malware
  • Scan for Wi-fi Security weaknesses
  • Secure your Passwords
  • Banking and Password Protection
  • Scans apps before running in your PC
  • Advanced Firewall to prevent hackers
  • Block annoying Phishing and Scam emails
  • Extra layer Ransomware Security
  • Prevents Webcam Spying … and many more.

For more details on Features, visit:

Starter Edition, i.e. Avast Antivirus is absolutely Free, and Premium Security Single Device and Multiple Device are costing Rs.1999/year and Rs.2599/year respectively. Their Ultimate Edition with all features costs Rs.3299/year.

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10. AVG Antivirus

AVG AntivirusAVG is another global player in the FREE Antivirus software market, which is also from the house of ‘Avast’. AVG offers powerful protection and performance to your PC and other devices. This piece of Free software does everything from protecting your device from Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and up to scanning your PC for performance problems. AVG consumes low system resources and hence it won’t let your system slow down. Additionally, it offers you protection from Hackers, ensures Privacy Protection, and provides Payment Protection on their higher editions. AVG is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and also available in 20+ languages. AVG is easy to install and silent in working. 

Features AVG offers are:

  • Antivirus (Protection from Viruses, Trojans, and Malware)
  • Anti-Ransomware and Spyware
  • Blocks unsafe links, Downloads, and Email Attachments
  • Scanning for PC Performances
  • Real-time Security Updates (in Paid Version only)
  • Personal Folder Security with extra Ransomware Protection (in Paid Version only)
  • Webcam Protection (in Paid Version only)
  • Enhanced Firewall (in Paid Version only)
  • Web Protection – Blocks fake websites (in Paid Version only)
  • Antivirus Pro for Android (in Paid Version only)

AVG Antivirus is FREE forever to use with essential features, whereas the paid version Internet Security is available for Rs.1723/year for 1 PC.

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Now you have got a list of the best free and paid antivirus software available around us, and it is pretty easy to choose one among them. As mentioned Norton tops in paid ones and Avira among free. Norton Antivirus & Bitdefender is a good choice due to affordability and performance whereas Avira & Avast Antivirus is good for those who are on the hunt for the best free ones with better performance. 

Note that, no free antivirus programs can assure you reliability and performance as much as the paid one offers. You would even receive excellent technical service support also from the team of paid ones. Therefore, please make your selection wisely. 

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