10 Best CRM Software Solutions in India

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key function in any organization. As the name suggests, it is about the management of the relationship with the clients of a company. Maintaining and improving relationships with customers is essential for a company to grow its business.

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Often, CRM is an integral part of a company’s operations.  There are many aspects of CRM that range from communication, sales, marketing, and service support. Such a varied requirement makes it difficult for companies to manage this function manually. So it became important to implement a software solution such that the customers enjoy a smooth relation with the company. Some of the MOST POPULAR AND AFFORDABLE CRM Software solutions are mentioned below:


1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRMSalesforce CRM is one of the most comprehensive CRM solutions providers in the market today. The company has been in the business for more than two decades and the experience is showing in its dominance in the market.

Salesforce CRM is not just a useful tool for the executives in relationship management, but also the sales and marketing executives. It operates as a complete business solution for the company and helps in improving the relationship with the clients.

Some of the features of the Salesforce CRM are:

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Task Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Analytics
  • Mobile-Ready Dashboard
  • Marketing Leads Monitoring
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Sales Lead Monitoring
  • Sales Forecasting

Pricing: Starts from US$25/month per user (Essential Plan) for small businesses. Again, your final pricing will be based on the modules you select, as add-ons.

For Pricing Overview visit: https://www.salesforce.com/in/editions-pricing/overview/.

To know more about customer relations, click here https://www.salesforce.com/in/


2. Freshsales CRM from Freshworks

Freshworks CRM‘Freshworks’ is a venture by two Indians in 2010, and the products are now popular worldwide. They have created a masterpiece of software, which is embraced by the world, due to the features, quality, and technology it promises.

‘FRESHSALES’ is actually the CRM Module offered by Freshworks. Although you may find that their other modules are also related to each other one or the other way which can be used in the regular business cycle. Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshservice, Freshcaller, Freshteam, etc. are some of their other products.

Main Features offered in CRM software are:

  • Customization – Endless options to customize/personalize the module in your own way, like renaming modules, adding custom fields, Multi-currency & Language, Custom Sales activities, Custom Roles, Filters & Views, etc.
  • Productivity – Shoot your sales productivity by using integrated real-time notifications, easy data import, and information in one place.
  • Communication – Interact with your customers directly from Freshsales, using the integrated Phone feature powered by Freshcaller, Email, Live Chat, SMS, etc.
  • Collaboration – Interconnect with your Team and Projects within Freshsales, using Freshconnect and Freshdesk.
  • Insights – Perfect insights presentation inside Freshsales, about your leads, buying a scope, Event tracking, Activity Timeline, Email tracking, etc.
  • Automation – Freshsales is completely automated, and thus saves time and energy spending on manual exercises. It takes care of Workflow, Automatic Logging calls, and Auto-assign Leads.
  • Pipeline Management – Visualization of complete information about your leads, deals, sales, sales goals, etc. from a single platform
  • Reporting – Creating multiple reports is now easy. Customize reports, view Sales Reports, Sales cycle Reports, Revenue Analytics, etc are the features of this section.
  • Security – Unidentified domains are made to stay away in Freshsales, with features like IP Whitelisting. Also made provisions for EUC Data Center, Audit Log, etc.
  • Mobile Apps – IOS and Android apps are ready with the package which ensures you are in line with your data all the time. Apps will also let you make calls, chats, receive real-time notifications, etc irrespective of your location.

Pricing of Freshsales CRM starts from Rs.799/user/month (BLOSSOM Plan), Rs.1799/user/month (GARDEN Plan), Rs.3199/user/month (ESTATE Plan), Rs.5799/user/month (FOREST Plan)

Get Freshsales CRM Now! Click to Register


3. Sugar CRM

Sugar CRMSugarCRM is a very popular CRM software adopted by more than 2 million users worldwide. One of the uniqueness of the software is its CX or customer experience platform. It is often considered the world’s first no-touch, time-aware CX platform.

The platform uses AI(Artificial Intelligence) based predictive tools and analytics to convert critical customer information available in various communication media to help the employees interacting with customers. It results in better relationship management and helps to enhance a company’s image with its clients.

Some of the salient features of this software are:

  • Quote management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Business process management
  • Mobile CRM app
  • Campaign management
  • Multi-lingual and multicurrency support
  • Project management
  • Sales lead management
  • Email and calendar integration

Pricing: Starts at US$52 per user per month

Visit Sugar CRM for more information and purchase.


4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRMZoho CRM is one of the hottest choices among small businesses in India, due to its features and affordability. Zoho is a well-known name mainly in the Invoice and CRM software industry.

This application could offer much better features and comfortability to its users compared to its competitors. That makes Zoho preferable to the people. Even topmost review sites like PCMag.com have listed Zoho as the Editor’s choice and most recommended CRM software. Among the advantages of Zoho, the most quoted ones include excellent lead and contact management tools, automated workflows, and powerful AI-driven solutions.

Moreover, Zoho never failed to offer world-class support to its customers at any point in time. Pricing also plays a major part in making this application most favorable, as they have multiple plans to suit customers from different segments.

The main features of Zoho CRM are:

  • SalesForce Automation
  • Process Management
  • Omni Channel like Email, Telephony, Live Chat, Web Conferencing
  • Analytics
  • Sales Enablement
  • Performance Management
  • Predictive Sales
  • Marketing Automation eg.: Customer Segmentation, Google Ads Integration etc
  • Team Collaboration like Groups and Chats
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data Security
  • Developer Platform

View Details of Features here: https://www.zoho.com/crm/features.html

And now here comes the most attractive side of the software… the pricing. Zoho took care of the pricing part to ensure affordability for small firms. Hence, their pricing starts from Rs.720/month (For Standard Pack), Rs.1200/user/month (Professional), Rs.2100/user/month (Enterprise), Rs.2300/user/month (Ultimate). Check Pricing here: https://www.zoho.com/crm/zohocrm-pricing.html


5. Sage CRM

Sage CRMSage CRM is customized for small, medium, and large-sized organizations and is used by thousands of companies globally. The software improves the decision-making process and reduces inefficiencies associated with customer data management. It streamlines and automates sales processes.

Sage CRM has tools for marketing personnel to effectively market their products and track the results. Moreover, Sage CRM is a cloud-based

Some of the key features of Sage CRM are as follows:

  • Sales Reporting and Forecasting
  • Advanced mobile technology
  • Smart territory management
  • Track customer interactions
  • Upsell and cross-sell to existing clients.
  • Advanced campaign management
  • Email campaigns
  • Telemarketing call management
  • Detailed dashboards
  • Leads management

Pricing: Sage CRM subscription starts at $69.00 per user per month

For more details on the product, visit https://www.sage.com/en-gb/


6. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRMVtiger CRM brings your Sales, Marketing, and Support Teams together on one and a single platform, making them to do their best work from one shared view, and that is what Vtiger assures you. Their application ensures syncing between teams and easy tasks and thus making things more productive and organized.

With Vtiger you can experience a 360-degree view of the entire data of a customer and that makes teams to collaborate and engage in crafting a customer experience easily. For this purpose, they have integrated, Sales CRM, Help Desk, and Marketing Automation well in the app and brought it as an ‘All in One’ solution.

They have been selected as most Trending Software 2019 by Software Suggest, Front Runners 2019 by Software Advice, Customers’ Choice by Gartner, and other leading software review portals, which adds another feather to their cap.

The main features of Vtiger Sales CRM are as below:

  • Contact Management
  • Deal and Opportunity Management
  • Appointments
  • Forecasts
  • Workflows
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Insights
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Calendar & Tasks
  • Docs & Files
  • Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)

For more details, visit: https://www.vtiger.com/sales-crm/

Pricing of Vtiger is starting from Rs.1800/user per month for ALL IN ONE, and Rs.600/user per month for Sales CRM. And if you want to add the Help Desk module, then it will cost you Rs.600/user per month additionally.


7. Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRMApptivo had its focus on small businesses at the beginning which was later diversified to include bigger firms. Today Apptivo CRM serves thousands of firms worldwide. The software can be customized to service companies with the strength of just one employee to 1,000+ employees.  They offer an all-in-one mobile application in Android and iOS, which adds to the flexibility in operation.

Apptivo CRM is suitable for industries like Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Wholesale, Manufacturing, Non-Profit & NGO, Utility & Energy and it is adjustable to any business as it has modules integrated for CRM, Project Management, Online Invoicing, Expense Reports, Web Help desk, Field Service, Procurement and Email Marketing.

It also has the flexibility to connect with any of your favorite apps like G Suite, Authorize.net, Dropbox, Paypal, Piesync, Office 365, and many more.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • Contracts management
  • Competitors analysis
  • Sales Planning
  • Territory Management
  • Contacts management
  • Work Orders management
  • Customer data management
  • Opportunities

Pricing: There is a free-of-charge Starter pack followed by packages that start from US$8 per month per user (Premium), $20/month/user (Ultimate), and Customized Plan (Enterprise) for which you may contact the developer.

For information at https://www.apptivo.com/app-pricing/


8. Cratio CRM

Cratio CRMCratio CRM has more than a thousand clients in India and targets small and medium businesses. Affordable pricing is one of the advantages of this offering.

The software is popular with industries such as real estate, tours and travel, financial services, and education. It is available on cloud and mobile platforms. Further, the CRM software enables the firms to fully automate the sales and customer relationship management processes.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Lead Management System
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Team Management
  • Mobile CRM Software (Android and iOS)
  • BI & CRM Reports
  • Custom CRM Software

They also offer other modules like Mobile Field Force Automation, Sales Quotation, Cloud Telephony, Customized Modules – Forms & Reports, Enterprise Features, etc. They are available at an additional cost.

Pricing: Available from Rs. 399/user per month (billed Annually).


9. Salezshark CRM

Salezshark CRMSalezShark is based in the US with a significant presence in India. The CRM software offered by the company helps in sales and marketing process automation. It is a cloud-based platform.

SalesShark is available in the mobile app version also enabling marketing and sales personnel to efficiently manage their activities. The software is very affordable hence it is suitable for small and medium enterprises.


Some of the salient features are:

  • Sales Automation
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Verified Data Solution
  • Data search, analytics, and system integration

Pricing: Basic software starts from US$ 20/user/month (Shark Basic), $49/user/month (Shark Pro) & a Customized option for Shark Enterprise (you will have to get in touch with their team to know more.)

For more details of Salezshark CRM and its features, visit: https://www.salezshark.com/



SAP CRMSAP does not need any introduction when it comes to software applications, as SAP is everywhere, in the form of Business Management Software. SAP CRM is part of that business suite and again part of SAP ERP. It is feature-rich and fully cloud-based; Faster, reliable, and advanced.

All major brands are with SAP, because of its reliability and break-free operations. SAP is featuring SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud in its CRM application.

SAP has been widely used in Automotive, Consumer Products, Fashion, High Tech, Industrial Machinery and Components, and Insurance industries.

Other Features of SAP CRM are:

  • Seemless & personalized B2C Engagements using digital experiences
  • Optimize B2B value networks by simplifying lifecycle management by protection against Customer Identity threats and Access management
  • Gaining Customer Trust, with enterprise consent and preference management
  • Boosting Customer Trust by ensuring data privacy standards and personal data controls.

For Pricing of SAP Products, visit: https://www.sapstore.com


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