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Best Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing Software has become an essential tool nowadays after the entry of a large number of social media channels. As a  result, the public has started searching for the best audio editing software and started using it for their posts, especially those that include audio background, and audio clips. The editors are also used in various stage performances, recording purposes, etc. Thus, there are a variety of uses for Audio Editors.

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There are several audio editors available around us, but choosing the best one out of these is a pretty difficult task. Therefore, we have decided to bring in this article after wide research of the same. We will list here about 10 best audio editing software after filtering from many, depending upon the performance, quality, and other useful features.

What is an Audio Editor?

An Audio Editor is a software tool, that uses to edit audio/sound clips, which was already existing, to the desired level according to the requirement. This includes increasing or reducing the tempo, cut, add or remove a portion of a track, change formats, mixing tracks, recording live audio, and many.

Audio Editors can be chosen based on your requirements, like, the nature of the application, the extent of features required, the occasion, etc. The usage of features available with the audio editors is also depended on this selection. 


1. Audacity (FREE)

Audacity Audio EditorIf you are going to enjoy using a FREE application in your life, then, that is Audacity audio editor. An amazing Free, Opensource, and Cross-platform Audio Editor tool, which provides almost all key features which may be available with only Paid Software applications. Audacity is a high-quality Audio Editor tool.

Developed by The Audacity Team, Audacity audio editor has 20+ years of tradition to claim and won many awards throughout the journey. That includes Sourceforge’s Best Community Choice Award. 

Audacity is a Multi-platform supported application. And it supports many file formats as well. Therefore, installing and managing this application has never been a tougher task. It provides you 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit sound quality as well. Now install and enjoy all your trimming, editing, mixing, and recording works with Audacity.

Let’s have a look at the key features offered by Audacity:

  • Record live audio using a Microphone or Mixer
  • Add sound quality using its 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit support
  • Export/save edited files to many file formats
  • Do all editing works like trimming/cutting, adding, deleting, etc with the editor
  • Supports various plugins, including your customized ones
  • Multi-platform: Supports Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc

Audacity is free to download and use from Y0u can also download the source file from its portal.


2. Adobe Audition (Paid)

Adobe AuditionOne of the most advanced Audio Editing Software, Adobe Audition, is a perfect tool for professionals. Audition is worth it for those who take audio editing seriously. And hence, mostly it is a common presence, in highly professional fields like Film Production, Animation/Graphics, Music composing, etc. The biggest advantage of using Adobe Audition is that it can work seamlessly with Adobe Premiere on all your projects.

The Application may not be that affordable for a common man, as it has a monthly subscription fee, and hence it is more suitable for businesses. But, it is a great tool in terms of features and quality, and worth the price it is offering. There are special packs offered for Teachers and Students at good discounts.

Let’s check for the key features of Adobe Audition:

  • Create, Mix and Edit any audio content
  • If offers, best clean-up and restoration option along with audio-editing at the maximum precision
  • Essential Sound Panel provides highly professional audio quality
  • Creating Podcast for any project is easier with Audition
  • Work seamlessly with Adobe Premier and do hassle-free editing, recording, and integrating of audio clips
  • Use Audition for correction, fixing errors, and adding special effects to audio clips
  • Also connect between other apps like Aftereffects, Adobe Stock, etc.
  • View audio Waveform in multiple tracks
  • Multi-platform support: Windows 10 (64-bit) + and Mac OS (10.12 +)

Adobe Audition is available for purchase from There are no free versions available for the product. But a trial version can be downloaded from the homepage:


3. Ocenaudio (FREE)

OcenaudioOcenaudio is a very powerful audio editing software for editing audio tracks and adding various effects.  The application is developed based on the Ocen Framework, a platform for simplifying and standardizing the development of audio manipulation and editing applications.

Ocenaudio is a 100% free software to download and use. The software comes with multi-platform support. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux tirelessly. This editor gives you a clean interface and no mess like many others.

The editor is one of the best to edit complex and large files. You can select different portions of a single track at a time for editing, which is the most convenient feature. And also allows you to edit any large files with the lowest system resource usage. 

The main features of Ocenaudio are given below:

  • VTS Plugin support: for special effects and real-time preview
  • Multi-platform support: Windows, Mac Os, Linux support
  • Edit Larger Files at low system resources
  • Select multiple portions of a track at a time
  • Spectrogram: Enhanced view of the waveform
  • Add many effects including Equalizer with a real-time preview of the effects
  • Clean and clear interface

Ocenaudio is 100% FREE software to use. You can download the tool from


4. Sound Forge (Paid)

Sound ForgeOne of the most powerful Audio Editing Software applications in the world, Sound Forge, can claim years of tradition in the industry, now brought to you by the Magix Software team. Sound Forge, earlier known as Sonic Sound Forge, introduced to the market by the Sonic Foundry team in the late ’90s, and later bought by Magix.

Magix has then introduced several versions of the same software like Sound Forge Audio Studio, Sound Forge Audio Cleaning, Sound Forge Pro, Sound Forge Pro Mac, etc. Due to its versatility, Sound Forge products have been a hit among professionals.

When we talk about all the above versions, we must understand that Sound Forge Audio Studio is just an exclusive audio editing software whereas Sound Forge Pro is an advanced form of Audio/Sound Editing Software, which has recording, editing and mastering features all in one. And therefore, we will get into the details of Sound Forge Pro here.

Sound Forge Pro is mainly used by highly professional sound engineers across the world mainly in their projects in Film Production, Video Album, Television projects, Music Concerts, and more. Pro version fulfills their complete requirement in recording and editing audio files. It can create crystal clear recording with the power of 64-bit technology. Also, with this tool, you can record audio up to 32 channels.

Audio Editing with Pro version is giving you the maximum precision at any position of your file, which enables you to manipulate the file at the desired level. Also, add additional high-end effects using DSP algorithms without losing any quality of the audio. Additionally features like Instant Access to the frequently used functions, Windows Context Menu, and Wave Color on the waveforms make your life easier on your job.

Key Features of Sound Forge Pro:

  • Audio Recording up to 32 channels with 64-bit support
  • 64-bit Audio Engine support for better quality output
  • Maximum precision on audio editing
  • High-end effects using DSP algorithms
  • Instant Action Window to access frequently used features
  • Waveform Color – for coloring waveforms based on your projects
  • Easy Task Management using the Windows context menu
  • VST Engine & ARA2 Support
  • Multi-platform support: Use for Windows and Mac OS
  • Mastering and Restoration with iZotope plugins
  • Trusted by professionals worldwide… For more features, visit:

Sound Forge Pro 14 and Suite is available for purchase from And the prices are starting from Rs.24999 ($333 approx).


5. Reaper (Paid)

ReaperReaper is another powerful audio editor developed initially in 2006 by, has been an inevitable presence in the audio editing industry. This is an amazing tool with multi-track audio and MIDI recording, with editing, processing, and mixing features.

Reaper’s internal audio processing is with 64-bit technology and it comes with hundreds of amazing sound effects along with. Apart from that, it supports many several plug-ins like VST, AU, DX, etc. for a true enhancement of your Reaper experience.

It is a multi-platform, multi-format supported application. You can easily start Reaper with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms due to its multi-platform compatibility. Whereas, in multi-format, it will support you with almost all formats, like MPEG, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, WAV, AVI, WMV, and more.

Reaper is a fast loading tool and you can start your work instantly, no more waiting on loading. And remember it is also portable; means that y0u can carry this application on a USB and work anywhere.

Do you wish to customize the appearance of your editing tool? Okay…Reaper has all options. Do it at your choice. Change colors, Toolbars, Icons, layouts etc. far easier than any other applications.

Key Features of Reaper:

  • Record, edit, mix and transform audio
  • Powerful Audio and MIDI routing with multichannel support
  • Thousands of effects plug-in (like VST, VST3, AU, DX, etc) support
  • Internal Audio processing with 64-bit support
  • A large number of media formats supported: MPEG, MP3, ACID, WMV, WAV, MIDI, FLAC, AVI, MOV, AIFF, WAVPACK, and many more
  • Multi-platform support: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Personalization: Use custom Skins, Colors, Layouts, Toolbars, etc to customize
  • Fast Loading: Can start work instantly on loading…. For more features view:

Reaper is a paid licensed software, but you can download a Free Trial version for 60 Days from To purchase a Reaper license, you will have to shell out $60 (discounted license) and $200 (commercial license). You can buy it from


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