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10 Best Free and Paid Desktop Email Clients

Once upon a time, e-Mail was the only best and reliable communication medium in the world and many users were amazed by its speed, accuracy, and convenience when compared to the human-managed postal method. Another interesting aspect was, that, users couldn’t believe that, they can at a time send one message to many recipients using the Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), which means, this simple system is doing the job of many people at a time! And that made, the eMail system most favorite and acceptable to the world.

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But of course, there were limitations for the earlier version of email clients, like feature-wise, absence of brands in the market and hence the scarcity of choice, portability of the client (like today, mail on mobile), etc.

The later released versions of e-mail clients have resolved all these drawbacks and you have plenty of choices in front of you to choose. Come, let’s discuss a few of the best Desktop mail clients here which may ease your process of selection.


1. Mail Bird (Paid)

Mail BirdOne of the easiest to configure and beautiful Email Client, which comes with many features to make the job of the user easier.  The application comes with a unified inbox, where you can sync and manage all your mails. Also, you can customize your layout in the desired way. Along with that, you get in-build apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, etc for your daily use.

Over 20 Lakhs people are using Mail Bird worldwide. The software has also won many awards for its performance, for many years from 2014. 

Key Features of Mail Bird:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Customizable Layout
  • App Integrations
  • Snooz and Speed Reader
  • Custom Sounds
  • Linked Lookup
  • Attachment Search
  • Dark Theme
  • Multi-lingual Support and many more…

To know more visit:

Mailbird starting its package @ Rs.166.25/year and also having two other plans, Mailbird Personal – Pay Once @ Rs.3999/- and Mailbird Business @ Rs.290.83/year. There is no FREE Version offered by Mailbird.

Check to price here:


2. EM Client (FREE & Paid)

EM ClientEM client is a prominent player in the industry and well-positioned among the competitors. They have been competing with players like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird in the past, but succeeded in gaining popularity by introducing stunning features and lightweight operations.

One of their great achievements is that they have gained the trust of many users of old reputed Email Clients like Eudora, Outlook, etc, and made these users stick with EM Client. The UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) and packages are very much acceptable due to their convenience and affordability. Also, its interface may probably resemble the combination of MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail at least at some portions.

Toyota, McDonald’s, AVIS are some of their valued customers who are trusting this application.

Let’s have a glimpse to the list of features offered by EM Client:

  • General features include Email, Calendar and Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Chats
  • Compatible with any email services like Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, MS Exchange, etc
  • Simple Import Feature helps you to import data from all major email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Incredimail, etc.
  • Unique Sidebar Feature for Quick Access of information
  • Vast Customization feature to make the client matching to your preference by selecting various themes integrated along with.
  • Above all the following features are also added like: Superfast Search, Touch screen compatibility, Multi-lingual, Automatic backup tool, Templates, Signatures and Quick Texts, etc.

EM Client offers a FREE version with basic email features and with only up to 2 email accounts. Their paid version starts from Pro @ $49.95/1 Device (One time Payment) and For Companies @ $ 188.95/10 Devices. Visit   for details on pricing.


3. Zoho Mail (FREE & Paid)

Zoho MailZoho Mail offers you a secure, encrypted, privacy guaranteed, and ad-free email service, as the company claims. It is true one way, as Zoho is providing a clean interface with maximum security against spam/fake mails.

Their powerful Admin Control Panel enables you to manage settings, customization and configuration like adding users, managing groups, moderate business email content, etc., easily. Also, its ‘Streamer’ feature, gives a social media streaming appearance for mails, which is widely welcomed by its users.

Zoho mail is a well-reviewed mail client, by prominent portals like Capterra, Get App, and Leader Spring. 

Key features of Zoho mail is below:

  • Reliability: Ensures security and data protection
  • Custom domain-based email addresses
  • Hassle-free migration
  • App Suite: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Bookmarks
  • Collaboration: Announcements, Assigning Tasks, Creating Events, and Sharing Notes within the team.
  • Organized Attachments in one spot, thus file search is easy.
  • Setup Filters to organize your e-mails
  • Advanced Search option
  • Out of Office response setting
  • Signature for e-Mail with Logo
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • User Management like Adding new user, review access levels, Reset Passwords, and more
  • Group Management: Group email accounts for specific teams, user assignments as Moderators and members etc.
  • GDPR compliant email policies.
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Android and iOS apps for you to get connected on the go
  • Extensive integration with Mail-suite Apps, Zoho Apps, and Zapier.

Zoho offers a FREE mail account plan with up to 5 users and 5GB/user, 25MB attachment. The access will be only through the mail. Email hosting a single domain.

Their paid plans starting from Mail Lite @ 59/user/month, Mail Premium @ Rs.199/user/month and Workplace @ Rs.99/user/month. All the packages are billed Annually. For details visit:


4. Thunderbird (FREE)

ThunderbirdThunderbird, a very popular Mozilla Foundation’s own baby is rocking the Mail client market with its simple presence, providing a powerful email client for Windows and Mac. The application has improved a lot in the last few years to stand tall among any market competitor.

Thunderbird is easy to set up and filled with a lot of features. It is fast, and along with it ensures safety and privacy. Thunderbird is highly customizable according to your needs, with its extensions and themes. All these they provide at zero cost. 

Features of Thunderbird :

  • Mail Account Setup wizard
  • Attachment Reminder
  • One-click Address book
  • Tabbed Email (just as same as in Browsers)
  • Tabs Save and Restore
  • Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Search Tools
  • Large File Management (Send large size files using Thunderbird Firelink)
  • Smart Folders
  • Add-on manager
  • Privacy and Phishing protection
  • Automated Update
  • Effective Junk control….  and more.

For more details:

Thunderbird is FREE to use. Download here:


5. Microsoft Outlook (FREE & Paid)  

Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook is part of Microsoft’s family and has been an integrated part of Microsoft Office for years. MS Outlook is available for purchase as part of Office 365. Outlook has unwrapped loads of features for the Desktop mail users during the initial launch itself, which was also paved the way to the birth of many more equivalent applications in the market. 

MS Outlook was one of the most preferred mail applications for corporates, due to its simplicity and user convenience. It was also safe and secure to use Outlook. The application is available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobiles.

Let’s look at some of the features of Outlook:

  • Email and Calendar together
  • Organize priority tasks
  • Outlook Search – Find people, messages, and documents
  • Stay Organized and Connected by simply schedule and share your availability
  • Free Access to Office Apps
  • Most Accessible Inbox with intuitive, voice-controlled navigation
  • Ad-free interface, Custom Domains and Enhanced Security ….and much more

Outlook has a Basic Free version that offers features that include Email & Calendar, Core security features, 15 GB Mail Storage, Web, Android, iOS App Versions, 5 GB One Drive Storage, and Web Version of Premium Office Apps.

Premium Versions of Outlook starts from Rs.4199/year/1 person (Microsoft 365 Personal) and Rs.5299/year/up to 6 persons (Microsoft 365 Family)

For more information on pricing:


6. Mailspring (FREE & Paid)

MailspringA Good looking email client, Mail Spring promises a clean interface, multiple layouts, and attractive themes to make your email look better and professional. Mailspring has a unified Inbox, which will make your search for mails easier.  Also, you can add multiple accounts (IMAP & Office 365) and it has Mac, Windows, and Linux support. 

Mailspring also offers features like Read Receipts, Link Tracking, and Quick reply in its platform. And you may like that, the application has localization with 9 languages. Another major advantage is Mailspring uses only fewer resources, thus saving the battery life of your device. Due to the lightweight operation, it syncs faster and enables you to receive and send mails quicker. The developers have removed heavy dependencies of the software during development and that makes Mailspring launch faster.

Main  Features :

  • Multiple Accounts (IMAP & Office 365)
  • Unified Inbox
  • Touch and Gesture Support
  • Read receipt, Link tracking, etc.
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux support
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Quick Launching
  • Themes and Layouts for better appearance
  • Localized to 9 languages and more…

The basic version of Mailspring is FREE to use, and Pro Version is available at $8/month. For details of Pro Version:


7. Claws Mail (FREE)

Claws MailClaws mail has a place in the heart of those who prefer the simplest, lightweight but faster mail client with multiple accounts option. Claws mail is an Open Source project, offering a user-friendly and simple interface. This mail client is not as glamorous as some of its competitors, but neat and clean, and does the job perfectly.

Claws mail has a great team behind it, with 10+ translators from various countries, and 100+ Contributors from different parts of the globe. That makes the application more strong and reliable.

There are several plugins and Themes coming along with the installer package, to customize your mail client. You can also download them separately from the parent site. The plugins include all add-on features a mail client can have. 

Claws Mail can be installed on Windows and Linux platforms. 

Key Features offered by Claws Mail:

  • Multiple Accounts 
  • IMAP 4 rev1, SSL over POP3, SMTP and NNTP protocols
  • MIME Attachments
  • Threaded display of mails
  • Mailbox import/export
  • Automated Mail Checking
  • Click enabled URLs
  • Users can define headers
  • Address book and Printing …. and more

You may check for the features here:

Claws mail is absolutely FREE to use. You may DOWNLOAD ! here and start using.


8. Loop Mail (Paid)

Loop MailWhere one thinks that Team Connect and Collaboration has a key role to play, there you need Loop Mail. It fulfills the requirement. With one single app, you can perform all these tasks apart from working on your mails, assigning Tasks, Chats, etc.  

Loop Mail makes your job easier with its unique feature, Shared Inbox, which enables the user to share and assign emails easily on the same window. Loop mail allows a very easy Virtual Assistant integration and also has a Chat feature inside mail, to make connections easier. 

Loop Mail is available on Android, iOS, Windows & Mac platforms. The team of Developers behind Loop Mail has been continuously involved in projects to improve the performance of the application to make it much more faster, smarter, and distraction-free one. 

Significant Features offered by Loop Mail:

  • Connectivity and Collaboration feature
  • Shared Inbox option (e.g: Connect between info@, sales@ & support@ accounts)
  • Virtual Assistant integration
  • Chat from the Mail option
  • Hassle-free connectivity with Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, and IMAP mails.

For more details, visit:

Loop Mail is available at £ 7/user/month (Studio Pack), £ 12/user/month (Business Pack), and Enterprise Pack is available on request. For details on pricing:


9. Post Box (Paid)

Postbox MailPost Box is a powerful app for Professionals who has to handle loads of mails in a day as part of their routine works. Post Box makes things easier with its speedy, feature-rich, and pretty mail client. When you work on Post Box, don’t worry about your overloaded inbox, instead just organize using the tools available with it.

Post Box works on almost every IMAP, POP accounts with, Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Fastmail, Protonmail, etc.

Post Box helps you to compose professional emails using its Professional class Composition tools. With this, you can add Clips and Signatures in the mail and also with pre-canned Responses with dynamic data placeholders. Amazing!

Post Box is available for Windows and Mac platforms.

Below are some of the amazing features of Post Box:

  • Works with any IMAP and POP account
  • Attractive interface
  • Group Email Accounts
  • View Email in Tabs
  • Access Favorite Folders
  • Organize all your emails
  • Super speedy search Engine
  • Advanced Search with Files and Images
  • Professional Email Composition tool
  • Add Signatures and Pre-canned Responses
  • Up to 24 gorgeous themes to choose from ….and many more

For details visit:

Post Box pricing is starting from $24 ($29)/user/year and $49 ($59)/user for Lifetime. Click here for details on pricing:


10. Airmail for Mac (FREE & Paid)

AirmailA lightning-fast exclusive Email Application for Mac and iOS, Airmail, is a favorite among iPhone, iPad & Mac book users. Airmail is Apple’s award winner, for its Design matching to various Apple products. 

With Airmail, you can integrate your favorite apps and devices, and can be accessed wherever you are. Your iPhone, iPad, Mac book, and even Apple Watch, everywhere you can access Airmail.   

Apart from all the above, Airmail can be synced with iCloud for your account settings, signatures, templates, etc. between your iOS and Mac devices, which will make things further easier. Localization with multiple languages in about 25+ languages makes Airmail favorite to the world. 

Airmail’s salient features are :

  • Lightning-fast Email Client
  • Apple Design Award Winner
  • Multiple Accounts with Gmail, Office 365, IMAP & POP, and many more
  • Unified Inbox makes viewing of emails at one place
  • Privacy Mode enables to load data locally on your device
  • Snooze mails –  keep it hide until you need it
  • Sent it later – Compose and schedule an email’s dispatch
  • Dark Mode, Today’s Views, Interactive Notifications, Share Sheet, and many more features are available.

For details on features, visit:

Airmail basic version is FREE for anyone to use in iOS, iPad, and Mac. And Airmail Pro needs a subscription, $2.99/monthly, and $9.99/year (renewable every year).

For details on Pricing:

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